Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year from Barra de Navidad

0900, 01 January 2012, at anchor, Barra de Navidad
Just a short entry to wish everyone a wonderful New Year and a happy and prosperous 2012.
We had a wonderful evening aboard Optical Illusion and welcomed in the New Year with them and Steve and Linda from Warren Peace. At midnight we broke open a bottle of Italian sparkling red wine and watched the fireworks from the big hotel and from Barra. There were a number of boats that fired off outdated flares, probably the most effective and cost saving method of getting rid of them The other side-benefit is to actually experience firing one off in a non-emergency situation.
We woke up this morning to very loud “techno music” from the island in the bay, an island where the only noise we have ever heard was dogs barking.
Another few days and we’ll be leaving this idyllic spot for Manzanillo Bay.
All the best from the crew of GOSLING!!


  1. Happy New Year to the Gosling and her crew! We hung Michael's glass ornament on our tree, thought of you. TC, Dec 14th, picture of four rugby women, perhaps your tenants? Hosted family potluck, after flu limited events for all. Terry down now. Ran w/Nicolle this a.m., wonderful. Dave and Lynne heading to Texas for 2 mos. All the best for 2012, take care and watch for pirates! S.

  2. Hi Gang!

    Judy and I send our love. Rosie sure looks happy. Have a safe passage.

  3. Wonderful reading your blog and catching up on your adventures. Congratulations on a good trip down the coast. You can imagine we are envious - as I write this the rain is streaming down the windows and we are bundled up in our sweaters, dreaming of Mexico. All the best, Lyneita and Doug (Ka'sala)