Friday, January 7, 2011

Last days in Mazatlan

Mazatlan, 21:56 Thursday, 6 Jan 2011
Just back from watching a movie (Green Zone) on lawn chairs in front of a big sheet strung between 2 palm trees on the lawn. It is a twice weekly event and one we have been enjoying, even though we have to bundle up in our warmest clothes due to the chilly evening breeze. They even provide popcorn...
On the 29th we had a visit from our dear friends Reno and Nina from Palm Springs and their daughter Natasha and son-in-law Jean- Francois. They came into Mazatlan on a cruise ship and were here only for the day. It was a memorable but compressed visit where we tried to fit as much as we could in the time available. After a few hours onboard we met them in old town and had a wonderful late lunch before they had to get back to the ship.
We had planned to go out New Years Eve but as it got closer we decided on a quieter small scale celebration. We weren’t alone. Tanque de Tiburon and Full Quiver were on the same wavelength and we chose to go out for pizza and see the New Year in watching the fireworks on the point near the marina entrance. At least we stayed up till midnight this year.
Since then it has been a quiet and lazy stay here at the resort. We have also accomplished a few projects that had been on the to-do list; caulking the underside of the toe rail, refurbishing some of the door catches, devising a new way of securing the life raft canister, replacing the galley foot pump, putting away all of the Christmas decorations, and generally keeping Gosling clean and presentable. The cabinet has been built but remains unfinished. When J-G saw the plans for the finished item he chose to stop it there and pay the carpenter off. All of the hard stuff is done. The basic box is installed with all of the compound curves and angles factored in. Looks like another summer project to build the fronts and doors.
Rosie has especially liked her stay, getting 3 walks a day and lots of attention from the resort guests. Pretty dogs are always chick magnets and J-G likes to walk her a lot....
The weather has been cool and quite windy lately and we are looking at a reprieve over the weekend so we can leave here and head south towards San Blas. We would have left earlier this week but high winds and fog have been prevalent. Kirk is waiting for us in San Blas now. We have his bottom paint and he is probably getting antsy to get it applied so he can leave too.
Optical Illusion has arrived in Barra and has reported that the weather is much warmer down there. The others that left early are all in the Puerto Vallarta area. It’s time for us to leave the resort at El Cid but only after the swap meet on Saturday.
20:30, 7 Jan 2011
We received some great news today. Doug and Trish called on Skype and informed us that Doug’s tumour is gone and his prognosis is excellent. What a relief for them and all those involved in his recovery.
Looks like we will be the only ones leaving tomorrow. Full Quiver has decided to stay on for another week and Tanque is planning on leaving on Sunday or Monday.
Fran and I went off for a much needed massage today. You can’t beat $20 for a full hour. Now if only our soon to be daughter-in-law was here we wouldn’t have to leave the boat. Dove where are you when we need you?
On to warmer waters south folks......

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