Friday, April 23, 2010

Back to mazatlan, El-Cid

23 April 2010, Alongside, El Cid Resort & Marina, Mazatlan
We departed Puerto Escondido expecting some decent winds but they failed to materialize so the “Iron Spinnaker “ took us all the way across. Les Brooks transferred over from Optical Illusion for the trip. Needless to say, Les’ experienced eye and skill was welcomed and many of his recommendations and observations are now reflected in our “to-do” lists. Les left for home in Anacortes on Sunday. We are hoping to renew our friendship sometime this summer.
It seems fitting to be back at the El Cid where we were in January as we passed through on our way south. Some of the same boats are still here and many of the boats we have seen along the way are in the Mazatlan area getting ready to jump over to the other side for Lorettofest or getting ready to leave their boats here for the summer. Slip fees are quite high compared to what we have been used to but here we have the full services of a first class resort, including pool, hot tub, great restaurants and easy access to town. They also have a good entertainment team that does pool games and shows movies at night twice a week.
Full Quiver was here when we arrived getting a leaking lift pump replaced. They had a runaway engine on arrival because their pump had filled the cylinders with diesel. There was also excess fuel in their sump so they had to change out their oil 5 times to ensure it was clean before leaving for La Paz 3 days ago. Just heard from them by e-mail and they still have a leak into their sump. They have had a lot of bad luck this year. We wish them all the best on their way north to Loretto and then on to Guaymas where we will see them again at the haul-out yard.
Fran flew back to Vancouver on Monday to care for Robyn and the grandkids. The operation went well and Robyn is back home recuperating. I am whittling down a “to-do” list and taking advantage of Fran’s absence to create dust. The main cabin is looking much better now that I have re-finished some of the worst of the woodwork. The vacuum attachment to my orbital sander has been a real plus in keeping down the dust and the foam brushes I am using with the Cetol make for a nice smooth finish. I have managed to keep Rosie at bay by blocking her access to the cabin but I still have to pick out the odd bits of her hair out of the finish. If we get a cloudy day in the next week I will be painting the dodger, another long outstanding task.
Full Quiver had been here for a few weeks and they had quite the run of luck at the various pool games and acquired quite a collection of El Cid t-shirts and bottles of tequila. They must have passed on their lucky streak . So far I have won 1 t-shirt and 2 bottles of tequila. Fran will be pleased....

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