Thursday, December 17, 2009

Refit report# 3

Tuesday, 15 Dec, 09, Marina Singlar, Guaymas
We are finally back aboard Gosling. She looks like a new boat from the upper decks. The paint job turned out very well considering the environment of the boat yard, the heat and the dust churned up by the ever present breeze. It’s not a show-room car quality but it certainly makes a difference from what we had. The few days we had expected turned into 10 days. Much of the problem was translation difficulties between us and Pancho (Francisco) the painter. The prep work was extensive with lots of dings, old screw holes and blemishes to be filled and sanded then filled and sanded again. Masking and covering the parts not being painted took a day then primer coats, finish coats for the vertical surfaces, wait a day, re-mask for the non-skid, more primer and then finish coats, wait another few days and, voila! The job was done. Now the gruelling task of putting everything back together. The windows will take a lot of time. Three have to be completely re-installed because they sprung when the chrome framing was removed and all surfaces where the frames fit must be thoroughly cleaned and prepped for the final fitting. I just hope I have enough caulking. After going through the tubes I had left since last year I found about half had hardened and are unusable. When all is said and done the paint job will have set us back about $4000. For comparison sake, a similar job on Antares, the 34 ft Peterson we sold last summer cost us over $5000 back home, however, Gosling required much more prep work and after seeing the two, I much prefer this sprayed on finish and non-skid.
Fran picked up the re-upholstered cushions today. I must admit they look good and the price was right. Labour and material came out to just over $300, a fraction of the price back home.
Our time in the condo was very pleasant. Rosie loved the beach and could have been out walking back and forth on the sand chasing seabirds all day but we had other chores to do. The outboard was rebuilt and the door hatches received 6 coats of varnish and we did relax between trips back to the yard to check on progress and trips to San Carlos to visit friends and to prepare for the Silent Auction that was held on Sunday, another benefit for Doug.
Fran took the lead on the search for donations and was very successful. By the end of the drive she had accumulated several hundred dollars worth of gift certificates from restaurants, gift shops, spas and even a $75 gift basket from the kennel where Rosie had stayed last spring. With a host of other articles donated by individuals we had quite a variety for people to bid on. After the auction there was a puppet show and music by a few cruisers to finish off the evening. All in all we were able to raise another $2000 for the fund. The local community again showed its support. The next event will most likely be a bachelor auction sometime in February.
Meanwhile, back to the boat, it is 10 pm, it is blowing 30-35 kts and the boat is shaking on its stands. This is the second night of strong NE winds that are preventing many cruisers from leaving the area. This is the high time for the migration south to warmer waters. Phil (Manasea), Bill and Linda (Tanque de Tiburon), Steve and Linda (Warren Peace) are all leaving by the weekend. Gil and Lexi (Sunday) who are in the condo for a few days while their boat is fumigated will be launching soon but staying around till after Christmas and possibly the New Year.
Phil and Kim (Salty), who we have not seen since Barra 2007 while aboard Royal Exchange have arrived to get their boat ready. They are facing quite a challenge repairing the damage done to their boat when it was dropped while being lifted last spring. All of the damage is to the stainless aft and the rudder and mounting gear. Phil brought all of the materials needed to do the repairs and will be doing much of the stainless welding himself. Probably a good idea since we have been trying to get Hernandez, the welder, to come to the boat to do our railings. Promises to pay us a call have not been fulfilled 4 times now. It will be awkward to sail without the solar panels mounted.
The following text was written by Fran after the haircut event a few weeks ago:
8 AM, 5 Dec , 09, Marina San Carlos, Mexico
Who would have thought that 2 years after meeting such a nice couple as Doug and Trish, I would have volunteered to have my hair shaved off for a fund raiser to help pay for his medical treatments. But to know them is to love them. We met them in a bay, while sailing our new boat down from San Diego to Mexico, 2 years ago. We were out of bread, and Trish kindly volunteered a fresh-baked loaf. With talents like those of plumber Doug, and electrician/baker Trish, they were great to have as buddy boaters.
With all the plans, dreams and adventures to come, one would never think that cancer would rear its ugly head. But it did and now I stand here with shoulder length hair to be sheared at high noon, to a head I have not seen since I was 3. The event is to take place at the annual Christmas Bazaar at the San Carlos Marina. Wonderful, talented people will display and sell their crafts and goodies. The owner of the first raffle ticket to be drawn at noon will have first go with the clippers.
3p.m. It is all over, the planning, the work and the schmoozing with the crowds and we raised nearly $1000 with one nut case (Mike on Tazmo) buying over $300 worth of tickets just so that he would have a chance to shave my head, which he did several times. After finally seeing myself in a mirror, I realize that I am not defined by my hair but what I do in life. The day has been fun, and we have found a very supportive community down here that has either had or has been touched by cancer. I’m glad I did it. It was not about me: I did it for Doug! Fran Nadeau on S/V Gosling
More next week, Adios

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